『大阪の老舗サウンドKILLASAN MOVEMENT 80'S ~ 90'SのセレクションにJAH-TのMC付き』(GARNETT SILKのDUBも収録!!)



2.Al Campbell / Turn Mi Loose (Killasan dub)

3.Linval Thompson / Ready Fi Dem (Killasan dub)

4.Yellow Man / Watch In

5.Yellow Man / Body Move

6.Josey Wales / Kingston Hot

7.Jim Brown / In Time

8.Super Cat / Walka Thon

9.Paul Blake & Blood Fire / Rub - A - Dub Soldier

10.Pinchers / Lift It Up Again Pt2.1/2

11.Candy Man / Wicked Sound

12.Candy Man / No Good Inna Dance

13.Dillinger & Jack Radics / Kill A Sound Over Deh So

14.Admiral Tibet / Executor Sound

15.Eddie Fitzroy / Sound Clash

16.Junior Cat / Good And Bad

17.John Holt / Sound I Can Feel

18.Derrick Parker / My Sound Rule

19.Banana Man / Wah Teck Them So

20.Little Kirk / Sound Boy Watch What You Do

21.Courtney Melody / Screechie Across The Border

22.Robert Levy & Early Black / Rough Sound

23.Jigsaw & Killer Ranks / Lots Of Sing 11

24.Midnight Rider / Rule Inna Dance Hall Style

25.Red Rose / We A Rude Boy

26.Culture / Kill A Sound

27.Collie Weed & Al Pancho / Tell Dem Again

28.Doctor C / Gangster

29.Ed Robinson & Buju Banton / Sound Boy Don't Dis

30.Junior Demus / Me A Bad Boy

31.Daddy Tar / Zigzawya

32.Derrick Parker / Cool It Off

33.The Splash Band & Tanto Metro / Rude Boy Cool Down

34.Cutty Ranks / Cool Down

35.Sugar Minott / Herb Man Hustling

36.Super Man & Spider Man / Sensimillia Posse

37.Ranking Trevor / Pass The Chalice

38.Frankie Paul / Pass The Tushungpeng (Killasan dub)

39.Josey Wales / It Have Fi Bun (Killasan dub)

40.Junior Byles / Informer Men

41.Freddie Mcgregor / Run Fi Babylon

42.Peter Metro / Don't Touch The Crack

43.Icho Candy / Cocaine

44.Glen Wasington / Rockers Nu Crackers

45.Prince Buster / Hard Man Fi Dead

46.Derrick Morgan / Blazing Fire

47.Jackie Opel / You're Too Bad

48.Buju Banton / Better Must Come

49.Danny Ray & The Revolutioneers / Revolution Rock Pt.1

50.Luciano / accapella (Killasan dub)

51.Garnett Silk / Killasan Sound Is Better High (Killasan dub)

52.Marcia Griffiths / Killasan Forever (Killasan dub)

53.Scion Success / Killasan Territory (Killasan dub)